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Transformation Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0

Industry 3.0, also known as the Third Industrial Revolution, was characterized by the introduction of computerized and automated systems in the manufacturing industry. This period saw the implementation of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other digital technologies that allowed for greater precision, efficiency, and control in industrial processes.

Industry 4.0, on the other hand, is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is currently ongoing. It is marked by integrating digital technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) into the manufacturing industry. It includes using cyber-physical systems, advanced robotics, and artificial intelligence to optimize and automate manufacturing processes.

The transition from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 significantly changes manufacturing companies’ operations. Industry 4.0 technologies enable greater flexibility, customization, and agility in production processes, allowing companies to respond quickly to changing market demands. They also help new business models, such as using data-driven insights to optimize supply chain operations and developing new revenue streams through predictive maintenance and other services.

To transition from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0, companies need to invest in new technologies, develop new skills among their workforce, and restructure their operations to take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital transformation. It necessitates a considerable change in organisational culture and a willingness to try new things and experiment with emerging technology.

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